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The Effects of Age on Sleep

Have you ever heard the phrase, “I slept like a baby”? Do we need less sleep as we age? Do teenagers really need more sleep than at any other age? I’ll be answering this and many other age/sleep related questions.


Our memories may not serve us well in the department of sleep needs for children. It’s probably been a long time since you were young, and if you haven’t had kids of your own recently, you might not realize how much our sleep habits change through the years. In particular, the time from birth through adolescence is tumultuous for sleep patterns.

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Alcohol and Sleep Don’t Mix

Glass of WineAre you surprised by the title of this article? Most people probably are. After all, isn’t alcohol a depressant, and doesn’t it lead to drowsiness? Aren’t there countless examples of anecdotal evidence of a drink of wine before bed leading to a good night of sleep? Maybe so, but the thing is anecdotal evidence doesn’t constitute scientific proof.

Anecdotal vs Scientific Evidence

The basis of science is observation of what happens in nature. ‘Anecdotal’ evidence refers to evidence based on personal experiences, which would seem to fit into the scientific model. You do something, observe the results and form conclusions. The difference between anecdotal evidence and true scientific evidence, however, is that scientific evidence has to be measurable, testable and repeatable.

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