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Is A Sleep Apnea Pillow Right for You?

No, a sleep apnea pillow is not a special kind of pillow that will magically stop your sleep apnea. I wish.

Rather, these are pillows that are designed to work with your sleep apnea device, such as a cpap, and still be able to sleep comfortably in any position. They work just like theĀ bath mats in a bathroom, whose job is to keep the feet happy and comfortable.

I have a few reservations about such a pillow. Actually, just one. That is that the ideal sleeping position for anyone is on one’s back. A CPAP forces a person to stay in (approximately) that position, which is good for your health, quality of sleep, and even can reduce apnea and snoring.

Nevertheless, I sympathize with those who don’t want to sleep on their backs. It can be uncomfortable and takes some getting used to. When you through a CPAP machine into the mix, well, like I said, I sympathize.

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LED Lights May Help You Sleep Better

LED ControllerSome people love them for their energy efficiency and long-lasting usefulness. Others hate them for their higher cost, bright harshness that differs from incandescent bulbs, or the belief that LEDs are part of a government plot (to do what, I’m not sure).

LED Lights have been around for years, but they have become much more prominent in the last few years. Originally they were used mostly in electronics. More recently they have popped up in Christmas lights, flashlights and a number of household items.

Now there may be another, unexpected use for LED lights – they may help you to sleep better! How can this be?

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